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They typically work as a duo, and as a team have worked on a variety of successful dramas and commercials both in New Zealand and The Netherlands.  Whether it is a commercial, a  feature film or anything in between, they have you covered. 


Their style is highly adaptable, and varies from project to project based on the desires of the client. Because they are both trained in all kinds of fabrication (sculpt, scenic painting, casting, metal work, carpentry and FX to name a few) they have a resourceful approach to working, yielding exceptional results that go above and beyond expectations. They say yes to what others don’t dare to do, and they always pull it off. 


Thomas is the Dutch half of the duo and has been in the industry for 8 years. He is an encyclopaedia of art department tricks, and consistently pulls off the most seemingly impossible requests. He is experienced in production design, art direction, FX and set construction, having worked on several large features/series’ and over 150 commercials. His relaxed and charismatic nature makes him an asset to any set. 


Hayley started with a BA/BFA(Hons) at Auckland University where she majored in production design and installation art. She has now been a production designer for 4 years, and excels due to her conceptual and practical understanding of the industry. Her short but successful career to date is an indication of her talent, and includes production design and art direction for large features (both in NZ and NL), as well as head scenic painting (The Tender Trap 2021) and sculpting (Lord of the Rings 2022). Her attention to detail and stylistic flair are unparalleled. 

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